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Men, Think of Your Penis As a Roller Coaster for Women

Roller Coasters are meant to be ridden, they are meant to be a blast, and they are meant to give the passenger the "ride of their life." What better metaphor exists for a man's penis than a roller coaster?

Now, what sort of ride are you offering the ladies? The Cyclone, The Steel Dragon, Thunder Dolphin, The Top Thrill Dragster, The Goliath, The Titan, The Collosos, El Toro, The Boss, The Beast, The Tennessee Tornado, The Intimidator, or...

The Kiddie Express at the County Fair?

Let's be honest, if a man has the potential to offer a woman "the ride of a lifetime," what woman is going to want to get on the Kiddie Express at the County Fair? Heck, there isn't even a height minimum to get on that one.

Think about that and see it from a woman's point of view. I mean honestly, don't you feel like you are riding on some intense form of roller coaster when you are having sex? Of course you are! Now, do you want to ride a "coaster" that you have to sign a health release before you even get on it, or would you rather get on a ride that's going to put you to sleep?

For, that's really the truth. Women have been known to actually fall asleep when having sex! Now, if that isn't the ultimate in Kiddie amusement electric train Rides for kids, I don't know what possibly is. Wouldn't you rather have her screaming from all of the thrills and excitement? Wouldn't you rather see her face flush-red with adrenalin and intensity? Wouldn't you rather have her get off of your ride and hardly be able to even stand or walk because her legs are like rubber? Wouldn't you rather give her the experience of her lifetime, so that all she can do is brag about you to all of her friends? Wouldn't you rather have her disembark your ride and then immediately get right back in line to ride your "coaster" again? Heck, wouldn't you just like her to "get off" from your amusement rides company?

Guys, you owe it to women to please them as much as you possibly can! Now, if your "coaster" is a bit of a sleep-inducer, then you need to take some measures to ensure that you turn it into a much more exciting, interesting, and orgasmic form of fun.

There are so many ways a guy can do this, it's impossible to get into all of them... For starters, why not engage in some oral sex? Spend some time oiling the tracks and she's sure to get a lot more enjoyment out of your rails.

Try getting in shape, quitting the junk food and sodas, cut out the booze and cigarettes, and tune up your ride so that you can be ridden longer, harder, and more often.

Making her ride more enjoyable is all part of the fun. Try multi-tasking while you're having sex. There are lots of ways you can use your fingers, toes, nose, and just about any part of your body to make that ride more memorable, more multi-orgasmic, and more enjoyable. Heck, if you can walk and chew gum at the same time, this'll be a piece of cake for you.

Now, about that Kiddie Ride... If your "coaster" is a little small in size, that's not a problem! For one, you can try out some of the aforementioned methods of making your ride an experience to never forget. However, by increasing your ride to one of the tallest and biggest roller coasters in the world is going to be the best way you can ensure a line a mile long, just begging to go for a ride...

This can be done via penis enlargement. We have found that the best method to increase the height and size of your ride is via a method called Penis Exercising. This is where a man builds his roller coaster using his original "coaster" to begin with. We start with the foundation and all the structures involved and we build upon them. This isn't done with a hammer or welding torch, the only tools you need for this job are your hands. One simply "works out" the penile structures by twisting, pulling, stretching, and squeezing them. Such methods help stretch the penis ligaments to greater lengths (this can help you get longer) and by squeezing more blood into the penis, we are able to encourage it to get bigger by its ability to hold more blood.

Guys, you owe it to your girlfriend to ensure that you and only you provide her with the ride of her life. Trust me, the more she enjoys it, the more you will, too.

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Why All Theme Parks in Orlando Have Ride Height Requirements

One of the most frustrating things to experience at a theme park is getting to a ride your kid has been talking about forever, only to find that he or she is not tall enough to ride it. The temper tantrums I have seen those poor kids throw, oh boy!

So it's a good idea to check first and make sure your child is tall enough to ride the ride before getting to it.
First let me explain just why they have height limits. Each kiddie electric park train ride prices is made with what they figure is an "average" size of the person who will be riding it.

Rides for little kids of course are made for child size. Bigger rides are made for a happy medium between kids heights and full, tall adults. The restraints that hold you in are made to fit MOST sizes, but there is a limit as to how much difference they can hold.

Mild rides that don't turn upside down or throw you around too much have a smaller height limit because there is less chance your going to get thrown out even if the restraints are loose on you. More extreme rides that do loops and throw you around must hold you in your seat very tightly.

So you must be taller so the shoulder harness can securely lock you in place. If your too short you could be thrown right off the ride, or fall out when it's upside down. Theme parks don't like flying kids, so they have height requirements!

It's for your own safety, and cost the parks less then having bruised kids suing them! Since every ride is different there actually are several different ride height requirements in every theme park.

All the big three theme parks in Orlando; Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World, have ride height requirements. All of them have rides made for little kids as well as more extreme rides made for teens and adults. If your child is not tall enough they will NOT let them on, no matter how sweet your smile is! Wearing platform shoes will not sway them either.

Almost any ride, even little kiddie rides, require you to be at least 34 inches tall. Some rides let an adult hold a child in their lap if it's a very mild ride. Walt Disney has a few child rides with 35 and 36 inch height requirements. The next most common height requirement is 38 inches tall. These can be lots of different types of rides, including simulators and kid roller coasters.

The next most common ride height requirements are 40, 42 and 44 inches tall. These take in a wide range of rides, most a bit more wild that go fast, have sharp turns or spins. Roller coasters that don't go upside down fall in this range, at least some do. The next jump up is 48 inches. You can go on most rides once your at least 48 inches, including some extreme roller coasters that do loops and other wild rides.

Finally there are just a few of the most extreme rides that have a 51, 52 and 54 inch height requirement. Almost all of these are extreme roller coasters or rides that throw you straight up. So, if your kids are between 34 and 54 inches tall there will be some rides they will not be able to go on. Each rides height requirement is clearly posted in front of each ride.

You can go to each theme parks website and find out the ride height requirements for every single ride in each park. Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World all have rides that range from the 34 inch tall to 54 inch tall requirements. So check them out before you go so you don't have a very upset child on your hands!

The author lives in Orlando where he writes about Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World and all the other Orlando attractions. His site Orlando Inside gives tips and tricks on how to save money and time on your Orlando vacation. A former Disney AND Universal Studios worker, he knows all the things to avoid and what to do.

Many tips on how to save on hotels, car rentals, what not to do, getting around the Orlando airport and much more can be found inside Orlando Inside. Find out how to make your next Orlando vacation the best ever with these free helpful tips and tricks!

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Looking For Fun? Popular Amusement Parks In New Jersey, California And Texas

Finding fun things to do in NJ, CA, TX or elsewhere across the country can be easy to do, if you know where to look. Whether you're looking for California, Texas or New Jersey attractions, consider an amusement park. Here are three different amusement parks in New Jersey, California and Texas.

Amusement Parks In Texas Include Joyland

Joyland is located in Lubbock, Texas. Rides include traditional family friendly rides such as a small fiberglass carousel in Beston and sky ride which takes visitors above both Joyland and the nearby Mackenzie Park. Thrill seekers can enjoy the Galaxi Coaster, which was built in Italy and the Dare Devil Drop, which brings riders up 140 feet before plummeting them down at almost 50 miles per hour. Tickets to Joyland start around $18 for adults and $15 for children. Adults who wish to visit, but do not want an unlimited ride pass can purchase an entry-only pass for $5. Guests can use Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards. More information.

Amusement Parks In New Jersey Include Morey's Piers

Morey's Piers is located in Wildwood, New Jersey and is one of the many fun things to do in NJ. Morey's Piers actually combines a number of New Jersey attractions in one area and includes two waterparks and three amusement parks in New Jersey. Attractions include the Ocean Oasis waterpark, the Raging Waters waterpark, the Mariner's Landing pier, the Surfside pier and the Adventure pier. Rides include Kiddie Swings, the Balloon Race and Pirates of the Wildwoods and amusement park train rides price include an 1100 foot endless river, the Rocket Raft water slide, the Serpentine body slides and numerous children's play areas.

Families can choose to purchase tickets as a group or individually and the best deal can be found for a family of four. Families can choose a group pass that gives them access to both waterparks and all the rides for $215. Season passes are also available so families or individuals who live nearby can enjoy the park anytime. Morey's Piers accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express credit cards.

Amusement Parks In California Include Knott's Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm is located in Buena Park, CA. It is known for its Camp Snoopy attraction and has themed rides such as Lucy's Tugboat, Red Baron, the Charlie Brown Speedway and the Snoopy Bounce. Knott's Berry Farm also has a marketplace with themed dining, shopping and more. Admission is around $60 for adults and $25 for children and seniors. Southern California residents receive a discount, as will anyone who purchases and prints tickets at home. Knott's Berry Farm accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club & JCB and PayPal for tickets purchased ahead of time.

Fun things to do in these states include thrill rides and waterparks, but t aren't the only places fun can be found. Whether you're looking for a place to vacation, or are lucky enough to live near one of these attractions, you're sure to find fun for the whole family.

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The Best of New Jersey - The Best New Jersey Amusement Parks, Beaches and More

Before you start planning your family vacation to New York or Connecticut, it's worth considering going to the south of the Tri-state region. New Jersey's regions of Skylands, South Shore and the Western Delaware River; with their snowcapped mountains, amazing New Jersey amusement parks, and rich historical culture are some of the best places to visit year round.

High In The Sky-Lands Region

The highest point in the Skylands region soars at 1,803 feet. Marked by the towering monument in the High Point State Park, the surrounding areas offer dozens of walking trails to explore during the warmer months and of course plenty of world-class skiing in the winter.

One of the best resorts in the region is the Mountain Creek Resort in Vernon valley. Its proximity to New York (it's only an hour from the George Washington Bridge) makes it a very popular destination for those in the other tri-state regions. There are over 170 acres for ski sports with 19 terrain park trails, numerous tubing lanes and a gigantic SuperPipe complete with stadium lighting.

Wild About Wildwood

For fun in the sun, head down south to Wildwood. The top Wildwood attractions that should be on any visitor's list are the Doo-Wop hotels, Wildwood beach, and of course Wildwood's offering of the finest New Jersey amusement parks.

To ensure that you have all your energy to go wild on the amusement rides, check into a nice hotel. Before you start looking for the latest 5 star cookie cutter complex, immerse yourself in the culture of Wildwood and check into an authentically preserved Doo-Wop hotel.

The plastic palm trees of the Doo-Wop hotels are Wildwood attractions in their own right. However, for a bit more authenticity, head down to Wildwood beach -- recently voted the best beach in New Jersey. Wildwood has some of the widest beaches on the coast. The beach at Wildwood is patrolled during the summer and is very kid-friendly. The best thing about the beach has to be that it's free -- no beach tags required.

The selection of New Jersey amusement parks in Wildwood is enough to make your head spin. Located right off the beach there are rideable backyard track train for sale cheap for everyone. Tots will love the Kiddie Train and Mini Teacups (just like Disneyland), bigger kids will go nuts at the Formula One Raceway, and the whole family will love a backyard train company  on the Ferris wheel.

When you've covered all you can of the New Jersey amusement parks take a stroll along the many boardwalks and pick up some Saltwater Taffy for a sugar hit with a good dose of nostalgia. Click to know more.

The Wicked West

If the New Jersey amusement parks just aren't your thing, go west for a journey through time. The Western side of New Jersey in the Delaware River region has plenty to offer the history buff. Known as the "Crossroads of the Revolution" the region saw nearly 300 Revolutionary War battles from 1776-1783. The Delaware River was also the famous site of George Washington's overnight crossing from Pennsylvania to surprise the Hessian soldiers in New Jersey. At the site of the crossing, today is the George Washington Crossing State Park. The park has many historical exhibits that will entertain young and old.

Jon Buschlen is an author for Morey's Piers one of the largest New Jersey Amusement Parks located in Wildwood. Their website features information about rides, Wildwood attractions [], and hotels in the Wildwood area.

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Where To Find The Best Battery Operated Train Ride

Trains are fun to ride, no matter how old you happen to be. Even young children can also enjoy going on trains and watching the scenery roll past out your window. However, there can be occasions when your youngsters desire to ride with a train, but there is no need some time to adopt them on a full-size one.

In these cases, the best option may be to find a place which has a battery operated train ride. These small trains usually do not even need rails to run on, to allow them to be utilized almost anywhere. These are perfect choice for any family that desires to have a train trip without investing so much time and money.

These rides are generally found at zoos and amusement parks, for example. A carnival or city park can also have one that one could ride. Those at zoos are frequently painted having an animal theme, say for example a zebra or possibly a giraffe. It is possible to ride in one to see all the animals on the zoo to ensure that you do not have to wear yourself out by travelling throughout the day.

When your children are getting tired and cranky, taking a ride on one of these trains can help salvage your holiday for the zoo. The kids could have fun riding in the best selling trackless train in order that they are going to behave better. They will likely get to see considerably more animals compared to they might otherwise have already been able to see.

When you are planning a trip to a state or county fair, it is always a good idea to see what type of rides are available. Determine if you will find these trains, for instance. In this way, it is possible to be sure that your kids will not need to lose out on some of their most favorite rides after they proceed to the fair.

Also, it is a good idea to ensure that you will find enough rides suited to their ages. When you have a preschooler or younger child, as an example, you should see if you can find rides geared towards them. If most of the rides are targeted at teenagers or adults, your children might end up feeling unhappy and neglected.

This is the best thing to complete when you plan a vacation to an amusement park. Most larger parks will have a wide array of rides, therefore it should not be too hard to find ones that are appropriate for your children, regardless how old or young they may be. It is still a smart idea to do a little advance planning, however, so that you are able to be sure that everyone could have a lot of fun.

As we discussed, battery power operated train ride is a superb choice whenever you want and also hardwearing . kids entertained. No matter how old or how young they may be, they are going to enjoy to travel on one of these attractions.

Where To Get The Best Battery Operated Train Ride

Trains are fun to ride, no matter how old you will be. Even children can enjoy going on trains and watching the scenery roll past out the window. However, there could be instances when your youngsters desire to ride over a train, but you do not have some time to consider them over a full-size one.

In such cases, the best choice can be to locate a place which has a battery operated train ride. These small trains usually do not even need rails to run on, to allow them to be used almost anywhere. They are the perfect choice for any family that desires to love a train trip without investing a lot money and time.

These rides are generally available at zoos and amusement parks, for example. A carnival or city park may also have one that one could ride. Those at zoos are often painted with the animal theme, such as a zebra or a giraffe. It is possible to ride using one and discover all of the animals on the zoo so that there is no need to use yourself out by running around throughout the day.

When your kids are getting tired and cranky, going for a ride on one of those trains can help salvage your journey towards the zoo. Your kids may have fun riding about the train so they are going to behave better. They may will also get to find out a lot more animals than they might otherwise happen to be able to see.

When you are planning a trip to a state or county fair, it usually is a great idea to see what kind of rides can be found. Check to see if there will be these trains, as an example. Using this method, it is possible to be sure that your kids will not need to neglect any kind of their favorite rides once they go to the fair.

It is also a great idea to make certain that you will find enough rides appropriate for their ages. For those who have a preschooler or younger child, for example, you should see if you will find rides targeted at them. If the majority of the rides are directed at teenagers or adults, your youngsters might end up feeling unhappy and ignored.

This is the best thing to perform when you plan a vacation to an amusement park. Most larger parks may have a wide array of rides, so it should not be too difficult to get ones that have been suited to your kids, no matter how old or young these are. It really is still a smart idea to conduct some advance planning, however, so that you can to make certain that everyone will have loads of fun.

As you have seen, battery power operated train ride is a superb choice without notice to keep your kids entertained. No matter how old or how young these are, they will likely want to take a trip on one of those attractions.

Find And Acquire From Your Best Mini Electric Train Suppliers

There are several great mini electric train suppliers which can help you may have a thrilling time. These trains are great because they allow you to add onto them and make up towns to allow them to proceed through. Get familiar with your choices throughout the following guidelines.

When you're going to deal with getting a train set, you need to find out where for the greatest price. Don't believe that because something is expensive, however, that it is worth it. Many of the time people are likely to try to ask you for a lot greater than they ought to. You can discover when a cost is fair by checking around at various stores and internet based. If a set is new, then it may take some time for it to acquire reviewed.

A train supplier should be well reviewed. You need to do some investigation by finding out if you will find reviews written in regards to the company. There is no reason so that you can blindly order from someone who you're unsure about. The reason being sometimes you'll get a bad deal or they may not be adequate at customer service if you have issues. A supplier in the trackless trains you would like to look at ought to be contacted with a simple question. Then you can aquire a sense of what their customer support is similar to and exactly how fast they answer you.

Trains are something which can be a thrilling time to develop tracks for. You might want to see if the supplier has things available like miniature town pieces. If that's incorrect, you can observe if they could point you inside the right direction since they could have friends from the firms that sell the accessories. Remember to examine what the size is of each thing you buy because you must know when it works together your mini electric train set. Should you don't see measurements for anything, be sure you ask anyone that is supplying you with these items about measuring things so you know if you should find them.

See if you can find a supplier's profile over a social media website. When this can be accomplished, you're going to be able to check if they offer coupons or discounts every once in awhile for their followers. In case they have a subscriber list on their website that may be one more thing you can use to your advantage. Whatever, you need to at least stop during checkout if you find a promo code box in order to look for a code using an internet search engine.

When you may find mini electric train suppliers that can provide a good price, you may create a great deal of great train scenes both at home and elsewhere. It's always advisable to investigate such as you learned about here so you're in a position to understand that everything you get will be worth the money.